Whom is this paper for?

  • For those who believe a successful contemporary project can take advantage from the charm of old things [ handmade paper is unchanged from a thousand years ago and moveable type printing dates back 500 years ]
  • For those who desire their message to be noticed: a letterpress print will stand out among commonplace lithographic and digital prints [ your message deserves a better medium than what is used for office forms, discount coupons and cereal boxes ]
  • For those who appreciate the harmony between a letter and a well matched envelope, in color and texture [ the devil is in the lack of envelope details ]
  • For those who cannot bear the impersonal uniformity of industrial made paper [ imperfections are the soul of handmade products ]
  • For those who don't give up: even in the 21st century it is possible to find skilled artisans able to craft high quality products [ maybe at the other end of the world ]
  • For the designer who knows a hand torn sheet cannot be perfectly aligned [ and knows how to plan accordingly in his projects ]
  • For printmakers who are still capable of working with hand-fed printing machines [ or are willing to experiment with all the settings of sheet-fed machines ] and can pick the best paper for the job [ the extra-luxury edition is for hand-fed presses only ]
  • For the many young lovers of printing who are willing to try a new kind of paper [ and for the old printmakers with an experience to showcase ]
  • For those who believe papermaking should be an added value, not a value taken away from the environment. Our paper is produced exclusively with cotton [ instead of costing many a tree life ] and the hand production rewards the work and the ability of the artisans [ instead of paying the hefty energy bills of industrial paper machines ]

Whom isn't this paper for?

  • For those in a rush and willing to spend as little as possible [ handmade paper, with its time consuming method of production, is always more expensive than industrial paper ]
  • For those who believe all paper is the same [ if you don't mind random quality, you can pick any random reseller ]
  • For those who think irregularities in handmade paper are a flaw, not a feature [ it is exactly this unevenness, lacking in mass-produced paper, that gives them their unmistakable charm ]
  • For those using four color process printing [ this paper is exclusively for letterpress printing ]
  • For those planning to work with an ordinary printer service [ there are few professional letterpress printmakers ]
  • For those who believe that a charitable business can only produce second-rate items [ a group of Italian technicians and entrepreneurs has created an efficient paper mill focusing on high quality and innovative products ]


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