La Cartiera nel Deserto [The paper mill in the desert]

Front cover of 'La Cartiera nel Deserto'

This is the title of the book that tells the history of our paper factory, from the beginning few years ago, along with some events in life of the author, Angelo Moncini, showing the reasons of his choice. It is for the curious reader, who wants to know more about this world.

It is not a tourist guide, though it contains lot of stories and descriptions of that country and the habits of its people, Peruvians and Mato Grosso missionaries.

It is a 500 pages paperback book [Italian language] with black and white pictures (ISBN 9781291326765). You can buy it on the following websites: (Italian) - paper version, Italian - kindle edition, Italian

“ Everything started with a table… It was not an ordinary table. Buying it the retired trader Angelo Moncini gets in touch with a new reality and decides to be involved in a new adventure.

The table was built by young artisans of a Peruvian mission. Their fate would have been the street life without that table. It is a memorandum for the main character because it always reminds him to act.

Gradually he starts an ambitious project: to build a paper factory in a poor area of Peru, to teach papermaking. This idea was the starting point of a new adventure. Angelo starts to visit the poorest areas of Peru and to experience a very different reality. Every experience makes him think and act. In this way the story of a little paper factory becomes the story of an inward-looking journey and of the main character’s deepest reasons. ”


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